Crown Estate School Day




Ch Eekonoo Zefram Cochrane at the Crown Estate School Open Day

Ch Eekonoo Zefram Cochrane enjoying the attention


For the third time, we attended the biennial Windsor Crown Estate Open Day held in Windsor Great Park.  1,600 local primary school children were given the opportunity to walk through the Great Park looking at all the various aspects and activities which go on around a large country estate from farming to forestry management, including many demonstrations of tradition field sports and activities which take place on the estate. 

We were invited to demonstrate sleddog racing as teams regularly train on the estate. Due to the time of year and location it was limited to a static display of equipment and dogs with the most tolerant dogs having more than their fair share of hands on attention from the kids who seemed to come in never ending waves with the same questions, how old are they? what's their names? and do they bite?. As well as my team of Siberians there where Alaskan Malamutes and Canadian Eskimo Dogs on hand to show the three most popular sleddog breeds worked in the UK.

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