Dave Hemmins competing in the SHCGB Rendelsham rally

The UK TODAY March 2002 show went out in129 countries on 559 TV stations.

We had a film crew with us on two of our training runs in Swinley Forest part of the Windsor Crown Est., as myself and Kelly prepared for the Siberian Husky Club of GB rally in Rendlesham Forest. The crew was at the rally on the Sunday filming all aspects of racing sleddogs in the UK and getting a good taste of the atmosphere with a strong field of adult and junior competitors in all the classes.


When Julia Reed (formerly of Robot Wars) was presenting a program on Sky's [.TV] I took her round our training ground on the Windsor Crown Estate with my 6 dog team with a camera attached to the rig and camera men hiding behind trees.




Our 6 dog team have appeared on channel 4 The Big Breakfast when it was hosted by Keith Chegwin, where the team took the mother of the family of the week for a ride along the canal tow path.

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