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SHCGB Aviemore Rally



Left Lead - Rigrunner Think Different by Eekonoo

Right Lead - CH. Rigrunner Alesis Andromeda by Eekonoo

Left WheelCH. Eekonoo's Zefram Cochrane  

Right Wheel - Eekonoo's T'Pau


 2006 was our first visit to the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain's Aviemore Rally for 8 years. This year the team were having their best season ever with wins at Siberian Husky Club of GB and ABSA rallies, we just had to make the 9 hour drive to the Highlands of Scotland to test the team against all the best teams from England, Wales and of course Scotland. We drove half way on the Thursday staying in Carlisle then completing the journey on the Friday in time for the Mushers meeting that evening in the Coylumbridge Hotel, Aviemore. It's a random draw for the Saturday's starting position and the draw saw me second from last in my class, not the best place to be, but there were no really slow teams directly in front of me.    

A top 5 place was in my sights but I was over the moon to have a lead of 1 min 30 sec after the first day and setting the fastest time out of all 199 teams. As it happened I needed the 1 min 30 sec!  I was extremely lucky I had this time in hand after Saturdays run and the team chasing didn't run as well as they had on the Saturday, otherwise he would have come across me and the last of the 6 dog class in a massive pile up which at the end of the day only cost me one trophy. (Fastest 2 day time) As I approached this team at something like 4 times their speed and called trail, the lead and swing dogs heard me, looked round and then swung across into my dogs. I can only say all 6 Malamutes where very good natured (thank god), but it took 3 attempts to overtake, the first two attempts ending up in a 10 dog tangle the second requiring tug and neck lines unclipping. The win was unexpected but very satisfying!

Drumlanrig 2006

Later the same year we ventured into Scotland again to Dog Sport Scotland and The Sled Dog Association of Scotland's Drumlanrig race on the 4th & 5th March 2006.
This time I was first out in the 4 dog Siberian class, we did not have such a good run on Saturday making a complete mess of the last turn. It was an uphill hairpin off the main trail which was a good place for spectators to gather. When the dogs saw the straw bales with people standing behind them they presumed it was the finish. I had quite a job persuading them that they had to turn away from the crowd and carry on running up the hill, consequently I lost some time.
On the second day the team had learnt and took the turn without hesitation, setting the fastest time in the class on the weekend, but it was not enough to reach the leader. I finished in second place, but still very pleased with the fastest run time in my class.
The two evenings in the marquee at Drumlanrig Castle were very enjoyable, on the Saturday there was a talk and slide show from Libby Riddles and on the Sunday after the award ceremony a party where the beer was flowing in a great atmosphere.


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